To allow more light into a room as well as combine indoor and outdoor spaces, homeowners look to improve their homes by installing patio doors. Patio doors come in an array of different sizes, styles, and materials that it can get quite overwhelming when trying to choose the right option.

In this article, we discuss the difference between french doors and sliding doors. There are a number of considerations when installing either option, as although there are many benefits to both designs, each one also comes with a few constraints.

French Doors

French doors are traditionally hinged double doors which commonly open outwards. When these doors are open you have full access to the width of the opening into which they’re installed and have a good ease of access.

As the doors open fully, they also allow good ventilation and with the panels being operable, you can open let in as much or as little breeze as you’d like.

However, whilst french doors have a good ease of access and ventilation there are a few restrictions. Firstly, the doors usually have wider panels which result in less glass viewing space, and secondly, with a swinging door you could be limited to where you put your outdoor furniture as it may get in the way; not ideal for small gardens.

The hinges on french doors tend to have problems over time due to the weight placed on them and may eventually require some sort of service. If not taken care of, then you may get trouble operating the doors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are also easy to operate because the entire weight of the sliding panel is supported by the track and requires no more than a gentle push to move them.

With a parallel track, rather than being on a hinge, sliding doors require almost no space to be fully opened and are more weather friendly as you get less of the swinging effect if it’s a bit breezy outside.

However, the constraint you have with sliding doors is that you may only be able to open 50% of the space at any one time, as when the doors are open they are still partly blocking the opening space you have.

Both types of patio doors can be installed with our innovative double glazing glass to ensure they’re energy efficient and make your home comfortable during winter and summer.

If you’re still unsure what design would be fit for your home, then please get in touch. We offer free inspections and quotes and can run through all considerations, including the size of the opening, costs, performance, and security.

Our skilled team at Thermoglaz can help with whatever your plans for windows and doors, allowing your major investment to keep your family warm and healthy through many more winters to come.

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